Fascinating: Sims Stories

SimsThe next generation Internet will feature some intriguing mix of 3D, gaming and community — and it likely extends into the living room onto TV via Xbox, AppleTV, Sling Catcher, IPTV or TiVO. I stumbled upon Sims Stories, from games company Electronic Arts and Yahoo!, which prompted me to write this brief post.

These new Sims Stories have been out since early this year but I find it fascinating and see innumerable possibilities. Click around and watch a couple of the videos and you’ll start to get the idea. Here’s a piece the NY Times ran last year about the popularity of The Sims games among young kids. And here’s the Introduction to SecondLife video.

Here are some previous posts on virtual worlds and metaverses. There’s something enormously powerful — much more powerful than the current text-based Internet — in these virtual worlds and their myriad hypothetical extensions.


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