n49: A Yelp-Like Canadian Directory

n49n49 is a new consumer destination, modeled fairly heavily on Yelp, that is about to launch in the Canadian market. The owner of the company has a domain portfolio business, which is apparently its primary source of revenue. That business will be tied to the n49 destination it appears. This makes it somewhat similar to what Marchex is doing with its 100K local/vertical domains and OpenList.

In an interesting move, n49 offers a personal URL to every member. That approach seeks to get people to take more “ownership” of the site and promote it to their friends undoubtedly.

Like Yelp, the capabilities and content at n49 appear to extend well beyond simple ratings and reviews of local businesses with photo sharing and elaborate profile information. The site will be competing with ZipLocal, the various Yellow Pages Group sites, search engines, and several others in a newly more competitive Canadian market.


4 Responses to “n49: A Yelp-Like Canadian Directory”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    Very impressive – these guys have a large # of advertisers on their other sites, it gives them a big leg up on the competition.

  2. Rick Silver Says:

    We are flattered by the comparison. We certainly hope that we have built a site worthy of a fraction of the community Yelp has established. We anticipate that Canadians will have as great an appetite for sharing their experiences.

  3. John Michele Says:

    Really very impressive like ahmed said.

  4. Stormy Says:

    Yeh right, these guys have a large number of advertisers on their other sites.

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