Skype Picks Jingle for DA Service

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.eBay’s Skype has selected Jingle Networks to provide directory assistance service to the VoIP provider. Skype will apparently also become an advertiser on Jingle:

In addition, Skype will be leveraging 1-800-FREE411 as a new media channel marketing Skype via audio promotions. Skype will be joining tens of thousands of businesses that have chosen 1-800-FREE411 as a powerful medium for reaching consumers in an engaging and clutter-free environment. 1-800-FREE411s proven advertising supported business model also empowers consumers to not only get the information that theyve requested, but also choose to respond and connect with another relevant, and perhaps more beneficial, product, service or offer.


Related: Michael Arrington doesn’t believe Skype users have much use for traditional DA services and decries the patent waving.


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