MapJack: More Street Imagery

MapJack is a new mapping site that offers more strore front and street-level imagery. Similar to Google’s Street View, you can move an icon along a map (right now in San Francisco only) and get high-resolution images of the surrounding area and storefronts.

You can also “walk” down the street by clicking the blue dots. The images themselves are not as easily manipulated as Street View or EveryScape, but the resolution is better.

Here’s a comparison of photos of my old apartment in San Francisco, CA . . .

Google Street View:


MapJack: 2

3 Responses to “MapJack: More Street Imagery”

  1. Gary Lo Says:

    Excellent…I just found hOOters, but no chicks in front.

  2. Canpages Continues to Build Its ‘Street View’ « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Update: Courtesy of AhmedF, here’s an image from Canpages “Street Scene” (using MapJack): […]

  3. VideoStreetView Says:

    Nice captures indeed! However, we do believe the next step is to upgrade to full-motion immersive 360° video-maps! Have a look @

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