My Five Minutes with the iPhone

After taking my seven year old daughter to Ratatouille this weekend (excellent) I had to stop by the Apple store and get my hands on an iPhone. I waited with the throng to actually hold and manipulate one. I eventually got to use one for about five minutes. Although that is hardly enough time to evaluate the device, I did have some preliminary reactions:

  • It’s a beautiful piece of hardware and much more elegant and captivating than any other cellphone on the market
  • The screen resolution is amazing
  • Internet browsing is not entirely intuitive (“how do you bring up the keyboard to enter a URL?”). But once I got it it was a much better experience than any other phone I’ve used to date. It was on a wifi network and so much faster than on AT&T’s EDGE network
  • The phone is packed with features and is generally more fun and intuitive to use, accordingly, than conventional mobile phones
  • I didn’t test out the iPod aspect of the phone
  • The keyboard does take some practice. Mossberg characterized it as a “non issue.” However, I would say that it does have a learning curve
  • The interest level among people in the store was very high

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