New ‘Video Classifieds’ Site


I saw this one orginally via MarketingVox . . .

Realpeoplerealstuff is trying to combine video and “classified” advertising. Here’s a local business in Oakland advertising on the site: See Jane Run.

Whether or not this particular site succeeds, video has arrived as a local advertising vehicle: SpotRunner, Citysearch/TurnHere, AdMission Spotlight ads, EZ Show, DexKnows, Spotzer, etc.

The ability for anyone to shoot and upload video is making “TV advertising” accessible to almost any small business at this point. Indeed, video is the new full-page yellow pages ad.


9 Responses to “New ‘Video Classifieds’ Site”

  1. The Southlander Says:

    We believe video has a future on on-line classified websites, however, users will likely be slow to adapt to this relatively new technology. One of the leading companies to provide video for such websites is

  2. Hal Rucker Says:

    Smalltown has video classifieds.

  3. Jan Says:

    An even better one of these is Where are all these video classifieds sites coming from?

  4. Dailey Pike Says:

    You can post video ads FREE at my PennySaver TV site.

  5. Thomas Says: is doing a great job in New York City. This is a video classifieds site that is much like craigslist and less like YouTube like the other sites. They make it easy to upload and I can post as much as I want. I’ve posted a few ads on there already and have gotten some responses which is nice to see they are bring the traffic. I agree video is the next frontier and when people get used to the technology is going to be right there for them. The cool thing about jadsters’ site is they keep it simple so people who are used to old classifieds (me) can use it with ease.

  6. michael morrison Says: pioneered the video classifieds space….check it out!

  7. Ziggy Says:

    There’s also who recently launched video classifieds…and here’s a twist…they actually PAY you to list your classifieds! Now that’s something different. Also you’re not required to upload a video, but it’s an option. Their pay per listing program is really different…only 25 cents per ad, but hey, if you have a lot of stuff it can add up fast. Gotta love that!

  8. Jeff Says:

    Check out which is a recently launched video classifieds.

  9. uohaa Says:

    But tell me how can a nomal local Business owner can make a video ?
    How much would cost to have a video done, for your small Business?
    Will the video classifieds help the small Business??

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