Marchex’s Massive ‘Local Network’

If you can believe it, Marchex has simultaneously launched more than 100,000 local and vertical search sites representing over a billion pages. The move is probably unprecedented outside of a search index.

In May of 2006 Marchex acquired local search site OpenList and has used its technology assets and methodology to enable this launch. Before this acquisition, its domain portfolio business was essentially a collection of links to advertisers.


The rest of this post is at SEL. Here are my related posts about OpenList.


9 Responses to “Marchex’s Massive ‘Local Network’”

  1. Peter Caputa Says:

    This is extremely impressive. It’s a simple concept executed very well at an excellent time. Local search is where it’s at – as more and more small businesses start using the web more strategically to grow their business, there won’t be enough ‘local inventory’.

  2. The Southlander Says:

    We agree with Peter Caputa. Many companies are seeing the benefits of having a large portfolio of urls that allows them to create a powerful network. It will be interesting to see how these on-line real estate moguls compete with Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc.

  3. AhmedF Says:

    As someone who has been in the domain industry for years, let me say that Marchex is *way* ahead of everyone else when it comes to local domains and putting content on it.

    We’ve talked to quite a few parking companies, and most of them look absolutely confused and befuddled when talking about adding local data/content to geodomains. Perhaps one day, but for now, Marchex is far far ahead of the curve.

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  5. Erick B Says:

    Curious what people think about this comment about this post…I passed it to a friend and this is what he said:

    “This is window dressing. Marchex is essentially a domainer…they raised over $150 million to buy out a domain portfolio from a guy in Hong Kong. They simply created a “portal” template based on keywords associated with the domain names and rebranded their domain portfolio as a network of local and vertical search sites. They are a major Yahoo resyndicator like Validclick.”

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