WSJ Pursuing Reprint Rights Revenue Stream

I was quoted in the WSJ today in the article I reference below by Riva Richmond. Literally a few hours after that article published I received an email and later a phone call asking if I wanted to purchase reprint rights. My email address was located (not hard in my case) and a sales pitch was made:

I thought you would find the article interesting enough to include in all your sales and marketing materials. The link below will bring you to my sales page where you can print out our order form for reprints. Turnaround time for pdf proofs run about 3 business days. Rush pricing on order form is for next day proof. Once you approve your reprint to print you can then place an order to link the pdf to your site – 6 month posting – 1700.00 or 1 yr   – 1900.00

I find this very interesting. Although annoying, it’s probably smart on the part of the WSJ to generate an additional revenue stream.


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