Google Allow Its Users to Write Reviews

While Google has, for some time, been aggregating large volumes of reviews from numerous third-party sources, it hasn’t allowed its own users to write reviews — until now. The Lat Long blog announced the new functionality earlier today, which can be found in a couple of places at the business profile level:



There’s nothing especially new or striking about this beyond the fact that Google is finally doing it. While this is interesting it frankly isn’t as important, given that Google already has reviews, as enabling users to “sort by rating.” The latter is basic functionality that many of Google’s competitors have offered for some time, though Google still doesn’t offer that capability. However, I’m certain it’s “on the list.”


4 Responses to “Google Allow Its Users to Write Reviews”

  1. Ben Saren Says:

    Greg, do you think this will have a significant impact on some of those more review-based websites, like Yelp? Certainly Yelp is building a community around those “Yelpers” but what it seems to me that this could have a dramatic impact on some businesses, especially when/where some % of consumers might be making buying decisions on what others have to say.

  2. Zec Says:

    I belive it is not only about ”just” another functionality. Yes, many sites do the same but not with such a scale and integration.
    I am waiting on my mobile to be a magic stick to upload my thought in the air exactly at the geo point I want 😉

  3. David Says:

    It would be interesting to learn whether they did sharing agreement with Yelp. They had been using some Yelp data previously as I pointed out in an eamil to you.

  4. Zec Says:

    Yelp is irrelevent once it is rolled out onto mobile phone. That will not bring to scale and mass adoption but Google users will…

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