3D: The Next-Gen Internet

SecondLifeI’ve written recently a great deal about Google Maps, Virtual Earth 3D and other products, including SecondLife and EveryScape.

Here’s a video I discovered earlier on Search Engine Journal introducing Second Life and discussing what’s going on “inside.” Watch the video and you’ll see some amazing stuff with amazing (commercial) implications. Whether Second Life survives as an entity isn’t the point. Some version of what you see in the video is the future of the Internet — or at least some meaningful aspect of it.

Kids will expect more “immersive” and dynamic environments than exist today and higher bandwidth speeds will allow for progressively richer graphical environments (online and on TV) to exist. And, as with SecondLife, these worlds will be fundamentally social and about interaction — and eventually transactions.


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  1. Paul Dragi Says:

    Second Life has a lot of interesting applications– some of us SLers believe that you are going to see a “decentralized” version of SL servers in the near future. Allowing people to create their own sub-niche metaverse free from the traditional SL structure.

    Honestly, I can’t wait to see businesses really figure out how to use this technology.

  2. Luna loves pictures Says:

    Yes I agree with you, The 3-D is really comming upon us.
    I guess 3-D is going to be more common when the internet broadband connections reach transmission levels of a glass fiber.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

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