‘Black411’ and Niche Directory Assistance

Black 411, a telephone directory assistance service that helps consumers locate African-American-owned businesses in their area, is now rolling out nationwide. There’s both an advertising and a consumer-pays (flat fee) model.

In a way this is an “MVNO” for directory assistance; they’ll be piggybacking on services from “a major telecom carrier.” What’s interesting to me here is the prospect of other directory assistance-like niche local mobile search services (e.g., green businesses, Christian-owned businesses, Asian, etc.)

Whether this happens will be entirely about the economics of delivering the service and the business model. It’s doubtful that too many such services could exist and survive.

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  1. SearchCap: The Day In Search, June 13, 2007  »Technology News | Venture Capital, Startups, Silicon Valley, Web 2.0 Tech Says:

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  2. Paul Says:

    Niche local search services can be pretty cool, as this one surely is, but it’s important to note that if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the niche search, there’s still free directory assistance searches via 1-800-Free411. The last thing we’d want would be for people to pay for d.a. if “Black411,” among others, doesn’t find what they’re looking for.

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