The iPhone and the Mobile Internet

iPhoneOm Malik writes an homage to the iPhone and I agree with him, especially this part:

One of the lasting (at least for me) changes that iPhone will bring to the mobile market is simplification. Their new user interface is going to make complex mobile services relatively simple, and can have the same impact as Blackberry had on the corporate market.

Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player it merely “made the market” by creating a great user experience. That’s what’s missing in mobile above all other things: a great experience that will help drive adoption.

Whether or not the iPhone sells millions of units it has already affected other OEMs, which will be working — now that they’ve seen the light — to improve the usability of their devices and the corresponding experience.

Companies like Where and ZenZui are seeking to offer, through software alone, a much improved experience based on widgets (like the iPhone). And Yahoo, Ask, Google and Microsoft are all working to improve usability and the overall experience of conducting mobile “searches” on the phone.

Here’s the simple formula (excluding the pricing/data plan variable): better user experience = more adoption, which in turn = more usage and more ad inventory, which in turn = more revenues. Get it?


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