New Local Mobile Search Program

LMSThis falls into the “shameless plug” category. Former Kelsey Group colleague, and founder of Opus Research, Dan Miller and I are joining forces to create a new advisory service called “Local Mobile Search.”

The program will be a traditional subscription service with analyst access and regular reports and data on the companies, infrastructure and evolution of the most important content area in mobile — local.

Mobile was largely just a speculative area a couple of years ago and now it’s one of the fastest growing and more interesting opportunities out there. It’s just a lot more complex because of all the devices, modes of access, companies and other moving parts seeking to bring consumers, content and marketing messages together.

Dan is an expert in voice services, telephony infrastructure and directory assistance. He also was the first Kelsey Group analyst and one of the people who brought me into the company. So he knows the local space extremely well.

This program really emerged “organically.” Dan I and did a couple of joint mobile consulting projects last year and found that our knowledge and coverage was not only overlapping but also quite complementary. So we’ve decided to combine our efforts and create a program to chart the development of this fast moving area.

Among other issues, we intend to cover:

  • Mobile search and content discovery
  • Marketing sizing and distribution of revenues
  • Voice interfaces and next-generation directory assistance
  • Mobile social networks
  • Multi-model content delivery (e.g., Voice in/text or WAP out)
  • The mobile ad infrastructure
  • The mobile user experience (WAP, text, DA, apps) and mobile devices
  • Location-based services

Local mobile search is in some ways an extension of the Internet into the mobile arena, but considerably more complex. It should be an exciting and dynamic program. Those who are interested to learn more can visit or contact Pete Headrick (


4 Responses to “New Local Mobile Search Program”

  1. Perry Says:

    hey, congrats, I can’t think of a more dangerous/insightful duo to be on the vanguard of this space!


  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Perry.

  3. Peggy Anne Salz Says:

    I’ll look forward to covering your thinking at my mobile search and analysis site – You’re both well-known in the industry and I’m sure my readers will want to hear – and discuss – what you have to say. Good Luck!

  4. Linda Voyles Says:

    Congratulatons! What a great new opportunity for both of you and a great space to cover!! Dan, you continue that “leading edge” focus on what’s hot in technology!! I look forward to working with both of you on the new venture!!

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