Urban Mapping and Neighborhood Search

It seems like I run into Urban Mapping‘s Ian White wherever I go: SES, Ad:Tech, Where 2.0. At Where 2.0 yesterday he announced another big partnership and licensor for his neighborhood-level data: MapQuest.

There are/were only two other companies that did/do what Urban Mapping does: HomeGain (which apparently isn’t anymore) and Whereonearth (acquired by Yahoo two years ago).

I’m not sure of all the deals precisely but it appears that most of the major search engines (and a number of other local sites such as Canada’s ZipLocal) now use Urban Mapping data to help “map” non-official queries about place to improve and broaden search results.

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4 Responses to “Urban Mapping and Neighborhood Search”

  1. Darrin Clement Says:

    Maponics also licenses neighborhood map data in a GIS format.

  2. bob Says:

    Factle Maps is the producer of the original neighborhood map data used by homegain and trulia.

  3. Bernt Says:

    While yes I lead the original HomeGain project that you speak, the neighborhood map idea was generated years before in search with InfoSeek/YellowGiant/WYP Univeristy of Malaya and MMU. My Malayian student and I used it for localized search – he was developing a new search engine. While neighborhood data was produced before the HomeGain project and that is where HomeGain got the idea, the neighborhood data that Trulia currently uses was create by summer interns mostly from UC Berkeley in 2005 that we working with HomeGain. Factle’s data come from GIS graduates from the University of Malaya (original team) and other sources.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks for the information. This type of data is obviously incredibly important to local.

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