Facebook Apps Already Gaining Traction

http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:YHvOddNaq6jV_M:http://money.cnn.com/blogs/browser/uploaded_images/logo_facebook-rgb-7inch-706175.jpgThursday was the Facebook Platform launch and for selected partner applications, there have already been some very powerful results.

Here’s the list of top applications, organized into categories. So far, music site iLike is the big winner, with adoption (at the time of this writing) of 435,000+ users — that’s in basically four days! By contrast, some categories have no applications in them.

If you look at the list of top apps, you see a pattern: music, games, video, etc. As I argued before, the Facebook Platform isn’t going to work equally well for all sites/publishers. But as the audience grows and grays (a la MySpace) there should be more balance.

There’s no reason for local sites not to do this. For example, why wouldn’t ShopLocal or Judy’s Book build a deal finder?


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