Mess O’ Yahoo! News

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Dan Finnegan, EVP and GM of HotJobs, is leaving says Peter Zollman’s Classified Intelligence (picked up in PaidContent). Finnegan is credited with being the “architect” of the Yahoo!-newspaper consortium. Interestingly, while in San Francisco last week I saw a free, Hearst-HotJobs magazine (Yahoo! HotJobs weekly). I had not seen it before. It’s branded both SF Chronicle (published by Hearst) and HotJobs, although HotJobs has the more prominent branding.

PaidContent also points to a relevant forthcoming BusinessWeek story about retention challenges at Yahoo!.The article speculates that the appointment of Thomas Weisel’s Blake Jorgensen to the position of CFO is about forthcoming M&A activity.

Along those lines, Rumors are circulating that Yahoo! may be trying to acquire social networking site Bebo. There were similar rumors of on-again, off-again talks between Yahoo! and Facebook, which reportedly stalled over price.

And finally, Yahoo!’s mobile application Go gets an 8 out of 10 from CNET.


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