New Interface on Google Maps?

Some times I make discoveries by being an actual user, as opposed to an analyst. I was looking for a cafe in Berkeley, CA (near where I live) to meet with someone next week. I went to Google and entered “cafes Berkeley” and got this “OneBox” result:

Berkeley Cafes

Not entirely satisfied with those choices, I went into the search results on Google Maps and, to my surprise, I saw this (click to expand):


This is the “text view” and here’s the more traditional “maps view” of these results:

Maps View

I’m not sure if this “text view” has been around for awhile and I’ve failed to notice it or whether this is new. But it’s very interesting, especially given the emphasis on photographs (user generated).

Has anyone seen this before?

One Response to “New Interface on Google Maps?”

  1. Laurence Hooper Says:

    I haven’t seen it before, and I think I would have noticed. It certainly wasn’t there a month ago; I just checked a screengrab I posted on my blog then. Interesting that Google Maps hasn’t noted the change (yet) in its new blog. My post about Google is here:

    Their introduction of a text view somewhat undermines my point, however. 🙂

    I’d like if they remembered my text/map preference from visit to visit, which this doesn’t seem to do. And the text view should be the default when users search from the “Find businesses” tab.

    But overall it’s a positive change, I think.

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