Ask Mobile: Initial Impressions

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.On Friday I received a briefing on Ask Mobile (with GPS) and a demo phone with the application pre-installed. I now have three mobile devices that I’m carrying: a traditional cellphone, a Windows Mobile device and the Ask Mobile demo phone. It’s quite a challenge to physically manage all these devices as I walk and drive around.

I’ve been testing Ask Mobile casually beside Google Maps for Windows Mobile, the Live Search Mobile application and WAP-based Yahoo oneSearch, which just rolled out yesterday to a broad range of Asian countries.

This post offers some preliminary reactions to Ask Mobile based on an initial weekend of testing. One big caveat: I haven’t been able to test the sharing and social features, which are potentially most compelling aspect of the service, because Ask Mobile is not integrated with my contacts. (Almost anything in the application can be shared with your contacts.)

The rest of this post is at SEL.


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