New Yahoo! ReMaps

Yahoo! Travel rolled out some new mapping capabilities as part of its site redesign and personalization enhancements. They’re calling the new functionality “remap” or maybe “ReMap” and it involves layering images or additional maps on top of existing Yahoo! Maps. There’s a slider to allow users to adjust the transparency or opacity of the overlaid (or is it overlain) map.

Here are several example views of a ReMap of the National Mall in Washington DC (click to enlarge):


The ReMap here is a detailed map of the buildings on the Mall. Here’s a close up:


Now a satellite view of the same area:


Now a view of the area with ReMap at roughly 50% opacity:


There are lots of interesting possibilities here. Other example ReMaps include:

Yahoo! also showed me historical maps on top of current sites (e.g., ancient Rome and contemporary Rome). I also discussed with them how users might tap into this capability.

Right now this is limited to Travel but it most certainly will expand to other parts of the site (and probably Local) in the not-too-distant future.


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