And Now for ‘CityWaboo’

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Another city guide/local search startup launches: CityWaboo. Here’s the press release.


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  1. AhmedF Says:

    It seems a bit … rough … around the edges (eg business corner coming soon). The blog doesn’t even have an RSS link anywhere!

  2. BurbankGuy Says:

    Hey what do you know, my business is listed. I looked at the packages to upgrade, seem fair enough. it says they are against the pay per click model, thank god someone is, i have waisted more money on PPC in the last 6 months then anyone.

    Seems like it is still in beta, so I would expect few things not working. I would like to see it when its out of beta.

  3. BusinessExecutive Says:

    I use CITYWABOO everyday!!! They provide our office with all the local information we need in one website. It saves us time and gives us all the contacts we need by one click. Thanks for making our work place a stress free envoirment!

  4. City Waboo launches - immediately begins the positive-comment campaign. - Tech Soapbox Says:

    […] Greg posts about City Waboo, yet another local search […]

  5. Eduard Arakelyan Says:


    Just few anxious family and friends trying to help.

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