SuperPages Announces Redesign

Although spotted last week, SuperPages put out a press release announcing changes and improvements on the site. Here’s a list of the enhancements from the press release . . .

Examples of the new features on the cookied homepage include:

  • City-Specific Skylines – City-specific skylines for 25 of the top searched cities, with more skylines to be added;
  • Two-field Search Box – Simplified two-field search box that allows a user to enter either a business name or category/keyword in the first field, then indicate the geography in the second field;
  • Highly Rated Businesses – Functionality that allows users to view highly rated businesses in a given city based on the most recent search, and offers an option to view more top-rated businesses by category; and
  • More Local Content – Ability to deliver more relevant and localized content to users when they return to, such as WiFi locations, traffic and weather.

Some of the new features on the results page include:

  • Neighborhood Refinement – An option to zero in on a specific neighborhood is available in select cities based on geographic specification; (Example: refining Boston to Back Bay.)
  • Streamlined Search Bar – A streamlined search bar to free up valuable space for results higher on the page;
  • Enhanced Narrow & Refine – Enhanced Narrow and Refine search results buttons to give users more flexibility in finding a business;
  • Enhanced Maps – A map feature that shows search results plotted on the map; and Defined Look – A cleaner business listing format to enable users to find what they need faster.

In my quick review of the site and results pages, I would agree that there are some meaningful improvements.


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