Lots of Video News

From today and the past several days:

YouTube extends revenue sharing to amateur video creators (is this the new generation of “eBay sellers”?)

Almost half of Europeans watch some TV online. From a Motorola study (covered by the BBC):

The Motorola study suggested that 45% of European broadband users were watching some television shows online with the French being the most enthusiastic in consuming their favourite programmes via the web.

“Viewers across Europe are no longer satisfied with fitting into schedules dictated by broadcasters and are turning to the choice and flexibility offered by TV over the internet,” said Motorola’s Karl Elliott.

This suggests that Europeans (as with their American counterparts) are using the Internet as DVRs. There’s evidence to suggest that in many cases Internet TV complements, not cannibalizes conventional TV viewing.

Speaking of which, Nielsen finds that 17.2% of US households have a DVR. Here’s eMarketer’s round up of the data:

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