Local.com Announces Improved User Experience

The image “https://i1.wp.com/media.marketwire.com/attachments/200607/274735_local.com.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I covered this a couple of days ago in passing, but Local.com (which should probably scale back its press release schedule) has formally announced upgrades and enhancements to the user experience:

  • Sort search results by rating, distance, business name and category
  • View search results within a defined radius
  • Filter results by related categories and nearby cities
  • Sort by star ratings and read user reviews
  • Access recent searches, which are now automatically saved for easy reference

These are laudable moves — as I mentioned previously, the user experience has greatly improved — but mainly put it on par with other local search consumer destinations that provide similar functionality.

Local.com has managed through aggressive SEM and other moves to build impressive traffic but the key for long-term growth will be rising above the din. That’s going to take a mix of interface and product innovation, data quality improvements, marketing and luck.


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