MSFT to Buy 24/7 RealMedia?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.According to the NY Post, via ZDNet:

Eager to catch up with Google and Yahoo!, Microsoft has emerged as a contender, along with ad giant WPP Group, to buy Internet ad firm 24/7 Real Media, The Post has learned.

Sources said the software giant is considering a price in the $1 billion range for 24/7 Media – a giant leap from the $600 million valuation analysts placed on the firm.

Thus Microsoft spake. But more is coming I’m sure.


Here’s Danny Sullivan’s discussion of conflicts of interest surrounding the potential deal and those inherent in Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick (as long as Performics remains).


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  1. Respiro, the logo design guy Says:

    This “race” between Google, Yahoo and Microsoft is quite interesting…


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