Now Comcast and Yahoo Announce Deal

It’s about display ads on

Yahoo!’s advertising sales organization will be the primary marketing and sales channel for display and video advertising. will tap into Yahoo!’s extensive network of leading brand advertisers and benefit from Yahoo!’s sophisticated ad-serving, targeting and inventory management capabilities to enable the pricing, targeting, delivery and reporting of display and video advertisements. Comcast Spotlight will continue to bundle in cross-platform and locally-targeted advertising packages to its growing base of local, regional and national advertisers through its existing sales force of over 3,000 sales executives.

Yahoo! and Comcast Interactive Media will collaborate to create and market new sponsorships and custom advertising packages that are supported by Yahoo!’s platform. Yahoo!’s advertising services will be integrated within the redesigned planned later this year. The redesigned will include enhanced features, user experience and new advertising opportunities across the site. Search services and Comcast Interactive Media’s other properties are not part of the partnership.

This is Yahoo! extending its branding reach (as with Right Media) to third party properties. Comcast is a top 20ish or so online property, which will deliver lots more impressions to Yahoo! display advertisers. For its part, Comcast monetizes more of its traffic without having to sell those ads. However it will still sell local.


PaidContent covers the Right Media acquisition call that was held this morning (which I missed):

Yahoo Expects Price Lifts Of 50 Percent For Ad Inventory: Yahoo had previously moved a small portion of ad inventory over to Right Media to gauge possible returns. Decker: “We’ve seen price lifts on what we have moved of over 50 percent. Right Media has seen even higher percentages with other publishers. A good portion of our inventory is sold to resellers and other ad networks, and we believe that there is a meaningful price spread in the buy price from us and the sell price to the markets. We believe we can narrow that by creating a more efficient auction by bringing our two channels together. Also, there’s a lot we didn’t include, in terms of upsides, I talked about a combined roadmap, which could allow it to offer more formats, video, mobile, text – we see it significantly expanding the capabilities of the exchange to be accessible to publishers of all kinds of inventory.”


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