Jingle Announces CMR Relationships

Jingle (1-800-Free411) needs more advertisers to boost revenues and provide ad coverage, despite high levels of consumer adoption. CMRs need distribution to give them the exposure they once got almost exclusively through print yellow pages. Voila, today’s announcement:

Jingle Networks, Inc., operator of the 1-800-FREE411 directory assistance service, today announced partnerships with top-tier CMRs (certified marketing representatives) responsible for managing Yellow Pages placements. Extending Yellow Pages advertisers reach to the phone through 1-800-FREE411, CMRs are tapping into a new, highly targeted marketing vehicle to help advertisers reach millions of consumers in an engaging and clutter-free environment.

Many industry-leading CMRs, including AMG Media Group, The Craig Business Group, Dominion Advertising/Yellow Pages Direct, MPG Yellow Pages, TMP Directional Marketing, White Directory Publishers – publishers of The Talking Phone Book and Yellow Pages Direct have taken advantage of the exciting and proven media channel offered by 1-800-FREE411.

In the face of oversaturated media channels, todays advertisers are tasked with being more creative in their marketing strategies. Given CMRs expertise in planning and purchasing print and online advertisements, businesses of all sizes from Fortune 500 to local mom and pop shops rely on them to maximize Yellow Pages investments. With traditional yellow page directories stagnating, CMRs are pressed to identify new lead generation opportunities to increase revenue for their clients and for the CMRs themselves.

Note the phrase “stagnating” in the last paragraph. Ouch!

Speaking of which, Yell shares lost roughly 25% of their value as the company warned last week about growth at US subsidiary YellowBook USA. The latter has always enjoyed better than industry average growth because of its aggressive competitive strategies and price discounting.

YellowBook (note the similarity with the new Yell homepage) has come very late to a sincere Internet strategy having believed for a long time that it had years left on print revenue growth.


One question for Jingle is whether Tellme and/or Goog411 add advertisers. Right now they don’t have advertisers and are subsidized. While Jingle has consumer research showing that users don’t mind ads (and even like them sometimes) the availability of comparable services without advertising will threaten Jingle over time if it doesn’t deliver a superior user experience (or “own” the brand).

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