Off Topic: Stop ‘Friend’ Before It Becomes a Verb

I’m now hearing lots of people use the word “friend” as a verb. Here’s an example: “Friending is the new ad.”

Let’s stop this trend before it really establishes itself. 🙂 Alternatives include “associate,” “link,” even the more pedestrian “befriend.”

The post above, BTW, is interesting in reflecting marketing trends on social media sites.


2 Responses to “Off Topic: Stop ‘Friend’ Before It Becomes a Verb”

  1. Bob C. Says:

    In a world where “irregardless” has become commonly used and engineers use the term “tooling” professionally (and not to describe wasting time, as it was earlier), I’m afraid language has a life of its own. I attempted to quash “irregardless” early on but it was futile. Good luck with the campaign!

  2. Social Media Vocab: Friend at Social Honeycomb Says:

    […] everyday life (yes, outside of social networks).  Variations like “de-friend” “friend me!” and “friend request” aren’t just buzzwords on social sites–I hear […]

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