Google Starting to Integrate UGC in Maps

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.When Google launched its personalized mapping tool, My Maps, the company said it would soon be integrating user-generated content. It appears that is now happening on many Google Maps searches. Here are some example searches:

At the bottom of the results pane on the left (scroll) is a link to “user-created content.” Clicking through gives you a parallel map populated with third-party pushpins. Some of this is professional content and some is from individuals. For example, in my “Seafood, London” search above, the user content link takes you to this page. These are pushpins created by a variety of others (not Google).The rest of this is at SEL.


Related: Google has partnered with the AIA to add a 3-D layer for famous structures/buildings to Google Earth. The video is very interesting if promotional (for YouTube and Apple too).

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