Map Sites Are Top Travel Sites

Travel is a relatively mature online/e-commerce category. As such it’s typically not counted as part of local. Since one can book tickets and reservations online it’s squarely within the e-commerce category in the minds of comScore, Forrester and Jupiter, etc. Notwithstanding e-commerce and that mindset, travel should be at least partly seen as a local search category because it’s inherently about place.

For example, comScore has previously pointed out the connection between local sites and the travel category:

As part of this analysis, comScore examined the non-travel (and travel) sites that were popular among consumers whose search behavior ultimately led them to online travel agency Web sites. These consumers were more likely than the norm to visit a variety of non-travel sites, including those offering local content (About Cities & Towns,, MSN Local Search and, and wedding sites such as and, most likely in preparation for future trips.

And here are some Nielsen data (republished by MediaPost) that go the other way. The top “travel” sites are actually local mapping sites:


So the top travel sites are local sites (and look at where Google Earth is). These data show the interpenetration and relationship between the local and travel categories.

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