CNN on SpotRunner, Spotzer and TV

Paul La Monica writes about Spot Runner, Spotzer and TV, other forms of advertising being commoditized:

Spotzer CEO Andrew Klein:

“There are enormous similarities between financial services and media,” Klein said. “Media is becoming commoditized in a way that media companies don’t like to recognize. But the ad buying business should become more about electronic connectivity and brokering.”

Klein said he decided to start Spotzer last year after learning about Spot Runner. He thinks the business is big enough for both companies and claims that Spotzer is a little different from Spot Runner in that his firm will also help small businesses target opportunities to advertise on out-of-home video networks – places like airports and office buildings that feature video screens – as well as cell phones and other mobile devices.

In a certain way he’s correct, but ads (especially those with any branding component) will never be 100% commoditized. Alternatively, even the commoditized ads (perhaps text paid search) require skillful buyers and agencies to create and manage campaigns.

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  1. Spence Says:

    Your comments are spot-on. A commoditized canned ad really can’t brand a company. Klein’s international competitor, takes the traditional custom advert to a new level, for a flat, discount price. They do skillful media buying and campaigns, and they are cheaper than the spot ruiner, too.

    If Klein is comparing the financial services industry to media, and striving to make them more alike, then we can expect that the smallest players in media (small businesses) will be the ones to lose their shirts.

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