Here Come ‘Links-a-Plenty’

I’m the quintessential small business now: too much to do and not enough time. So for the moment, I’ll have to cover much of what happened yesterday with links-a-plenty:

  • The Google Phone is real (made by someone else, branded Google). Danny Sullivan has got the news and a timeline of the rumors.
  • Google does another local deal, with PennySaver (my write-up from SEL).
  • Yahoo! revenues were down 11% and fell short of expectations yesterday (there was lots of Panama hype to boost expectations, which didn’t materialize in Q1). Google reports later. I suspect we’ll see very an “outperform,” but we’ll see.
  • MSFT’s Tellme upgraded its local search offerings, which have been out for awhile now. MSFT has a real opportunity here . . .
  • Google introduces a PPT competitor.
  • Yahoo! rolls out out a PayPal offering (from its earlier partnership with eBay), which looks very much like a Checkout competitor. But this was in the works before Checkout.

There’s a lot more going on, but Google and Yahoo (to a lesser degree) are dominating all the coverage. I’ll have more on some of these and other things when I catch my breath.


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