FatDoor: LinkedIn + Zillow + Virtual Earth?

The image “https://i0.wp.com/www.fatdoor.com/images/splash.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Peter Krasilovsky has a somewhat speculative write up of new local site FatDoor, which mysteriously sponsored at the Kelsey Group’s recent conference (’cause they apparently wouldn’t talk about what they were doing).

According to the Krasilovsky post and other speculation out there, it appears to be a mix of real estate and virtual community and people search. And it brings to mind the perfunctory biz model question . . . but it may be positioning itself as an online community with local ads/advertisers to come — eventually.

Provocative to be sure, but Bewitched’s Mrs. Kravitz comes to mind. I’ll be interested to see it when it launches.

More coverage here.


3 Responses to “FatDoor: LinkedIn + Zillow + Virtual Earth?”

  1. Raj Abhyanker Says:

    Thanks for the post! You can find out more about Fatdoor at : http://www.fatdoorblog.com.

    We are more Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and LEave it to Beaver than Bewitched. 🙂


    CEO. Fatdoor

  2. Tom Says:

    What a great name… FatDoor

  3. FBS Blog » Blog Archive » Searching for . . . Says:

    […] juxtaposes nicely with Greg Sterling’s recent speculation that Fat Door (not yet open) may be yet another entrant into what is now becoming a crowded web of […]

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