A Local Newspaper View of Yahoo! ‘Amigos’

Here’s part of a piece (reg req’d) that ran in the Kansas Morning Sun (a Morris Communications paper) on the expanded deal announced yesterday:

“This partnership will create a very powerful web site that will reach our entire region, but will remain locally-focused,” Wade said. “With this collaboration, The Morning Sun advertisers will have more opportunities to attract residents in Crawford County and the rest of southeast Kansas.”

There are three main parts of the sharing agreement: advertising, searching and news content.

Local advertisers will have the opportunity to have their ads on Yahoo!’s Web pages.

Through advancements in Internet programming, Yahoo! can determine the geographical area of someone using its web pages. Using that information, Yahoo! can place local advertisements based on the user’s location.

The Morning Sun will also have a new Yahoo! search engine added to its Web site, which will allow users to search the local site, but also anything on the web with a single search entry.

Internet users will be able to view local story headlines and local advertisements across almost all of Yahoo’s content pages and its utilities, including e-mail and messenger services.

Story headlines will also appear on Yahoo’s mobile service, called Yahoo Go, said Michael Romaner, president of Morris Digital Works. Morris Digital Works helped negotiate the deal on behalf of Morris Communications Co., LLC, owner of The Morning Sun.


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