Goog411 v. 800-Free411 v. Tellme

Let’s collectively test Google’s new free Voice search, Jingle and TellMe’s service (1-800-555-Tell). In fairness, Jingle and TellMe are more battle tested than Google’s new offering, which the company calls “experimental.” But compare them to one another and let me know what you find. I’ll be doing the same in NY this week. Be sure to do the identical queries on at least two of the systems.

Despite the fact that there have been multiple “free DA” providers in the market Google’s new product has caught the imagination of the press. And the fact that there are three or four voice search/free DA providers in the market now means we’ll see an acceleration of the decline of consumer-pays traditional mobile 411 as the segment builds awareness.

I was wondering earlier today whether Microsoft will put some consumer marketing dollars behind Tellme to build awareness at a time when it has a broader and perhaps more consumer friendly product than its competitors. Reportedly Microsoft is spending $500 million (yes, that’s right) to promote Vista, Office and other Microsoft software products.

You would think that the company will spend some $$ on Tellme to help build brand awareness and usage volumes. We’ll see however.


8 Responses to “Goog411 v. 800-Free411 v. Tellme”

  1. Andrew Shotland Says:

    I had been a loyal user of FREE-411 but switched over to GOOG to avoid the ads which were annoying. I was willing to put up with them when there was no alternative but never found value in them. The GOOG interface also seems a lot smoother.

  2. Jade Says:

    I am a loyal user of 1-800-FREE-411 and I don’t think I will be switching since I am not a huge fan of one company covering so many things. Google has enough to worry about and work on without throwing their hat in the free DA ring. I guess I like the underdog and/or the little guy. Unless somethign drastically changes I will put up with a 20 second ad to allow someone else have a chance.

  3. Yan Says:

    Good idea. I will do the same and will write what I find.
    I have used 800-FREE-411 before but not the other two.

  4. Micha Says:

    I like the Goog411 because it actually connects you to the company free of charge, I have had an easier time using the Goog411 than Free411. I think Free411 is a great company and we run ads on their network but the Goog service is more user friendly.

  5. Trevor Says:

    1-800-Free411 wants its customers to know that we are continually striving to enhance and streamline our caller’s experience. We have recently introduced a “yellow pages” search that allows you to find a business that meets your needs without requesting a specific listing. You can search, browse and connect from a list of relevant merchants across the U.S. using keywords similar to an Internet search. It is our goal to keep our advertising relevant your searches and offer opportunities and discounts that match your needs. We are currently the sole provider who offers live support if our automated system cannot accommodate your searches and we are always listening to what you want. So please look to us in the future for greater enhancements. It’s all in the interest of keeping our service on the cutting edge, competitive and, most importantly… free.

  6. Junu Lee Says:

    I like 1-800-Free411, but I expect I’ll be usinging GOOG’s service in the future due to the connection feature. This is a very beneficial feature because I usually use these service only when I’m out and about and don’t have pen and paper.

  7. lizabelle anderson Says:

    at first I thought this service had to have strings attached. But it’s actually FREE.. free to call. connect. and even get the address of the listing. I use it a couple of times a day. & now I can say….There are some things that are really free..:)

  8. MMountain Says:

    The connect feature is the ONLY thing that makes these useful, so GOOG411 wins hands down. To others who commented prior. Not to use a service because a company is to diversified is moronic. I believe in supporting the small business, but I will not sacrifice service or features.

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