Goog 411 Goes Live

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Google is calling its new free, automated DA service (successor to 877-520-Find) experimental but it pits the company against Jingle, AT&T’s 1-800-YellowPages and MSFT’s TellMe in a newly crowded but still immature voice-based mobile search segment. Here’s slightly more from Search Engine Land.

More thoughts later. You can test the service at 800-Goog-411. It’s all automated and there’s some unevenness, but it’s a generally good service from my preliminary testing (and it’s free).


The Kelsey Group’s Matt Booth speculates about Google running unconfirmed ad tests with Jingle Networks (a seeming competitor of Goog411) in a couple markets. Google stated to me that it was not yet clear whether the new service would be used for advertising at all. However, one would expect that as it improves over time — and especially if it gains usage — the company would want to offer advertising or extend local ads from online into an audio or text environment via Goog411. But I also believe the company is quite sensitive to the quality issue and wants to dramatically improve the service before any such decision is formally made.

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