Google Promoting Real Estate Search, Base

Here’s an interesting post on searching for properties on Google from the Google Blog. Here’s their “OneBox” real estate search for Seattle Real Estate:

Seattle RE OneBox

Here’s where you land after doing that basic OneBox search:

Google RE

There’s no announcement that I’m aware of to prompt this. It may be an effort to gain more interest/involvement for Google Base, which remains obscure to many.

But this search –> OneBox –> vertical results environment is a central component of how Google is seeking to use Base to deliver richer vertical experiences via results. In this segment Google has a fundamental challenge in seeking to compete with Zillow and Trulia (or even Yahoo! RE), which are focused entirely on real estate. Yahoo! takes a “templated” approach to verticals, which makes them somewhat more scalable.

But there’s a disconnect between a totally “scalable” approach and one that responds to the nuances and unique content of a vertical market.

Curbed is a great example of a unique vertical experience that is hard to duplicate across categories (although they’re trying for dining) because it’s so labor intensive and specific. Chowhound (, now owned by CNET, is another.


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  1. phaithful Says:

    Check out GoodROI’s post on this, March 2006:

    Google’s been at this for a little while, but more damaging is signing up with Realogy to actually display MLS listings ( )

    That’ll give a run for their money.

  2. Dave Dugdale Says:

    I just hope that Google doesn’t want to start hosting the listings on their site.

  3. Firetail Says:

    […] With recent announcements on Google Base and Google mymaps, they are starting to put together an interesting portfolio to attack online property sales. This is what you get if you search for property in the US now (via Gesterling). […]

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  5. Boca Raton agent Says:

    I have found the google maps very helpful in my line of work

  6. mark schwartz Says:

    Nice to see some google ideas, but my preference is they stay away. Or am I just being paranoid that all of these property search engines are going to make the MLS obsolete?

  7. Google ‘Real Estate’ Not New « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Google Promoting Real Estate Search, Base […]

  8. Immobilienmakler Says:

    Sieht super aus, und in Deutschland wohl auch bald verfügbar?!

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