MSFT Appears Ready to Buy DoubleClick

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So says MediaPost after a couple of days of rumors. The rumored hypothetical purchase price is $2 billion. Forget about that for a moment, the acquisition would make Microsoft much more credible in the minds of advertisers than it has been to date and would also give a boost to AdCenter by association. In other words, brand and other marketers reluctant to commit to AdCenter might be more inclined to do so if they’re already working within the company via DoubleClick and can be cross-sold.

Certainly it would make Microsoft much more interesting to advertisers overall — brand advertisers in particular.

Yahoo! owns a piece of RightMedia. AOL owns And in that larger context the pressure would build for Google to build or buy a similar network if/when Microsoft buys DoubleClick.


ClickZ explores the potential acquisition and its competitive implications (esp. for AOL) in some detail.


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