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Until yesterday I was unaware of ListandFound, a small business SEM firm. The company is run by Gary Remy, who founded a company that was bought by Prodigy Internet, where Remy became head of Prodigy’s small business division. Prodigy was eventually acquired by SBC (now AT&T).

Our conversation was “off the record” but Remy is smart and experienced and ListandFound is a serious new entrant in this “simplified search marketing” (or whatever we want to call it) segment. Their pricing model is like Innuity’s — $200 per year. That’s PER YEAR.

One of the things we spoke about was my earlier speculation about some portion of local moving to a CPA/commission-based model. That would bump up the prices local businesses would be willing to pay for online marketing.

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  1. Mike, The Internet Guy Says:

    Gary is a nice guy! I met him at SES Local last year. His product has been very useful.

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