Quick Takes on Too Many Items

In the interest of getting paid work done đŸ™‚ I have to provide some abbreviated analysis of a number of things I’d like to write more about:

  • Micro-local real estate site, StreetAdvisor launches.
  • Street-level 3-D mapping from Vutool?
  • UK online advertising spending has overtaken advertising in national newspapers per the IAB. Plus more bad news for US print newspaper revenues (though online up).
  • Tribune Co. is close to a sale and will reportedly go private. That could be good for the company, but quality could also suffer under an owner that may have no interest in newspapers per se.
  • YouTube’s mobile video site will launch in June when Verizon exclusivity expires. While mobile video is quite a speculative thing at the moment, despite all the investment and announcements, YouTube is a potential market maker especially with its “short form” content.
  • This site, “How to Get Your Business Listed Major Local Search Engines . . .” is valuable but a mess. Somebody needs to simplify, clean up and offer this directly to the SMB market.
  • Joost on AppleTV: very interesting. Here are all the competing devices that will put the Internet on your TV. Again, what will search look like on a TV screen? (Related post here.)
  • Korean “citizen journalism” site OhmyNews (much touted as a model) is unprofitable and in trouble. All those who uncritically celebrate this as the successor to professional journalism should take notice.
  • MarketWatch launches wisdom of crowds stock prediction and community tools.
  • The publisher of Child magazine has decided to go Internet only. And Time magazine, emphasizing video and its new site, kills Life (again). (Video is good but there’s a kind of knee-jerk, “me-too” over-reaction going on to current hype and trends.)

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