New Innuity Is the Old Vista

Innuity, it turns out, is not a new company but the old Vista rebranded because of potential confusion with the the new Microsoft OS. The company has been building websites and doing online marketing through partners like Sam’s Club and vertical aggregators/resellers for the past couple years.

Their new product, LeadConnect, is primarily SEO-focused. It’s vaguely similar to Local Launch’s RegisterLocal program. The price point is a shockingly low $199 per year. RegisterLocal recently pulled its price (formerly $129 per year).

I spoke with Jim Crisera, president of Innuity’s promotion division, this afternoon. He said that, among other places, they’re working to get their customers into the top three links on Google (now appearing in Google’s local OneBox search.) Crisera told me that in this search for “party rental, McKinney, TX” the third link “Cousins Party Rental” is their client.

He also told me that in the past 30 days another client had received 100 leads from Yahoo! Local based on their optimization. But he also said that proving value to some of these merchants is something of a challenge.

There’s still a problem connecting the online ad/listing to the offline transaction.


Crisera asked me to clarify that they don’t have trouble “proving value” to their customers. The challenge that we discussed was the industry related one of connecting the online ads and offline behavior.

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