One Million Have Asked for iPhone Notification

According to news reports, AT&T, which has set up this area to allow consumers to request notification of the iPhone’s availability, has received a million consumer requests for same. In a world of 233 million US cell phone users (CTIA numbers), that’s a tiny fraction of the population.

But since its unveiling the iPhone has already dramatically impacted the market, causing handset makers to consider and implement new designs and intensifying an industry wide conversation about mobile phone/mobile Internet usability.

We’ll see what happens when it hits in June.


3 Responses to “One Million Have Asked for iPhone Notification”

  1. Jan Says:

    But how many of this people will really buy the iPhone this year?

  2. iPhone Countdown Ends « Screenwerk Says:

    […] By earlier this March a million people (2/3 of whom aren’t AT&T subscribers) had asked to be notified of the iPhone’s […]

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Now that the price is lower it’s more w/in their reach.

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