Mobile: InfoSpace, V-Enable, ZenZui

There’s so much happening in the mobile world now it’s impossible to keep up, let alone have intelligent positions on all of it. But today there was a range of news of interest to those following the rapid evolution of mobile search:

  • InfoSpace has launched a direct-to-consumer version of its mobile local-search application Find It! for Blackberry devices. Previously the company was working exclusively with carriers to offer the application on the carrier deck.
  • The application also has a range of upgraded content and features based on user feedback and learning that InfoSpace has gleaned from being in the market for more than a year with the product.
  • Voice search technology provider V-Enable announced an upgraded voice-based mobile search platform (complete with advertisers), which is targeting incumbent mobile directory assistance (DA) providers. The platform is intended to enable the traditional DA industry to more effectively compete with new, ad-supported free DA services like Jingle Networks’ 1-800-Free411. Carriers such as AT&T wireless are dong both, with an enhanced traditional DA product powered by TellMe (recently acquired by Microsoft) and a free, ad supported product 1-800-YellowPages. In the V-Enable platform, the local advertisers are provided by SuperPages. Other content providers include MapQuest.
  • ZenZui also launched today. ZenZui is a Microsoft-founded company spun off as an independent, VC funded entity. The primary innovation here is the interface: using desktop-like widgets (they call them “Tiles”) to allow users to more easily and intuitively access content from various publishers on mobile phones. There are a range of big name content providers at launch including Flickr,, Zillow, Amazon, Kayak, Abcnews and numerous others. Here’s an explanatory video showing how the interface works.

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  2. Gary Price Says:

    Hey Greg,
    A WAP based version of the Find It service is available if you’re device is not “Find It friendly” or you just down like downloads.

    It’s at:

  3. platz Says:

    Might interest you to know that 1-800-Free411 has expanded into category search. When you call, you now have the option of searching by name (if you’re seeking information on one particular store), or by category (if you would like a variety of results). I think this helps keep Jingle a step ahead.

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