InsiderPages Customers Getting Citysearch Offer

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The offer basically goes like this . . . Flat fee of $49 per month for “unlimited leads.” The pitch also includes:

  • A featured listing
  • A business profile with photos and enhanced information
  • “Printable offers to drive offline purchases”

Fifty dollars per month is obviously $600 per year. This is the very low end of the market.

One Response to “InsiderPages Customers Getting Citysearch Offer”

  1. Pat Says:

    Low end of the market in what way? If you’re referring to absolute dollars, then I would agree. But advertisers advertise because they expect a return for their spending. The price is an expression of value and if value can be defined as benefits divided by cost, then this may well be a price well above the market.

    If you believe Alexa stats (and I am not sure I do completely), Insiderpages traffic is one-sixth that of and one-ninth of Is the $49/month offer really that low in comparison? I think not.

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