NBC-News Corp. Video Announcement

Here’s the official announcement:

News Corporation and NBC Universal will launch the largest Internet video distribution network ever assembled with the most sought-after content from television and film, it was announced today by Jeff Zucker, President and Chief Executive Officer, NBC Universal and Peter Chernin, President and Chief Operating Officer, News Corporation. The video-rich site will debut this summer with thousands of hours of full-length programming, movies and clips, representing premium content from at least a dozen networks and two major film studios.

AOL, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo! will be the new sites initial distribution partners. Their users, who represent 96 percent of the monthly U.S. unique users on the Internet, will have unlimited access to the sites vast library of content. This media alliance will offer consumers free long- and short-form video and create a compelling platform for advertisers, targeting the rapidly growing audience of online video consumers. Charter advertisers include Cadbury Schweppes, Cisco, Esurance, Intel and General Motors.

This is a game changer for Internet video, said Peter Chernin, President and Chief Operating Officer of News Corporation. Well have access to just about the entire U.S. Internet audience at launch. And for the first time, consumers will get what they want — professionally produced video delivered on the sites where they live. Were excited about the potential for this alliance and were looking forward to working with any content provider or distributor who wants to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

Anyone who believes in the value of ubiquitous distribution will find this announcement incredibly exciting, said Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC Universal. This venture supercharges our distribution of protected, quality content to fans everywhere. Consumers get a hugely attractive aggregation of a wide range of content, and marketers get a novel way to connect with a large and highly engaged audience.

And it goes on . . .

It’s AOL, MSFT, Yahoo!, plus the traditional media companies. The content and reach are great but, again, what will the user experience be and will these companies be able to effectively work together?

It really does seem like “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


Here’s Microsoft’s official statement, attributable to Kevin Johnson, President, Platform and Services Division:

“Today’s announcement is a great win for MSN’s more than 460 million consumers and for online video more broadly. When launched, this new venture will provide free access to an unprecedented library of high-quality video content.

“Our investments in MSN Video and SoapBox over the past couple of years have shown us that video is an amazing driver of user engagement and excitement, both for consumers and for advertisers.

“Joining forces with Fox/Newscorp and NBC/Universal is completely in line with our strategy to offer our users easy access to the best video on the web in a way that is good for content owners, great for consumers, and provides compelling opportunities to advertisers. Building on the work we have done with MSN Video and SoapBox, we are taking another step toward realizing that vision.

“We were thrilled to be a part of these discussions from the start, and share with our colleagues in the content industry our vision for delivering easy access to great content for consumers while accommodating critical copyright and intellectual property protections. This partnership proves we can do both and serves as a great foundation for future collaboration.

“We look forward to the summer when the content library comes online, and MSN users can tune in and watch the videos they love.”

Re Yahoo!: Some in the financial analyst community are seeing this as another boost for Yahoo!, which has had a run of upbeat news of late.

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