‘NanoNet’ Rich Media Local Ad Network

It’s a new rich media geotargeted ad network from Viewpoint. Here’s the release:

The Unicast NanoNet ad network is a turn-key solution that agencies and marketers can leverage to target customers in the top 20 designated market areas (DMAs) using rich media ad formats. Marketers and advertisers will benefit from the extensive reach of NanoNet, as it will allow advertising to be delivered through multiple publisher sites including news, lifestyle and entertainment sites that cater to a local population. In addition, NanoNet will give smaller sites that typically run static GIF ads an opportunity to serve rich media advertising.

iMedia previously published a “crib sheet” covering some of the local ad networks:

There are a few missing from the list. Indeed, even the local ad networks are starting to proliferate; time for a “meta-local” ad network. 🙂

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