Mobile Social Networking Competition Growing

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TechCrunch has a short, interesting comparison of Twitter and Google’s Dodgeball (also Facebook’s mobile potential). The reviewer prefers Dodgeball, notwithstanding all the hype around Twitter. There are lots of folks ramping up in this realm: MySpace, Loopt/Boost Mobile, Helio, Zemble and others. And events sites (with mobile) like Attendio are playing in this arena too.

Location awareness + community + local entertainment information + monetization (offers/sponsorships) is something like the formula. This is almost exclusively an under-30 phenomenon for now.

Even as I predict that ad-supported directory assistance models and their variants are poised for growth as the most “accessible” form of mobile local search in the near term, these mobile social networking tools could take their place for certain slices of the population if they work well and catch on.


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