Google, Mobile Search and Ingenio

Google has never publicly acknowledged 877-520-Find as its own. But it’s almost certain that the company is behind the service. Mike Blumenthal posts at SEL about his investigation of who’s behind 520-Find and his experiment comparing Google Maps data with results from 520-Find.

Here’s my earlier post on SEL about Jingle Networks‘ (1-800-FREE411) new “category search” capability.

In related news, Ingenio has added Medio Systems to its mobile distribution network. Here’s the press release. Ingenio has a similar relationship with Medio competitor JumpTap. It also has mobile distribution relationships with, AOL, go2, UpSnap and 1-800-FREE411.

Here’s my previous post about PPCall on mobile devices, “Is Mobile the ‘Sweet Spot’ for PPCall?”


Related: iMedia Editor-in-Chief Brad Berens interviews Medio’s Omar Tawakol about mobile search and advertising. And here’s more from Kevin Newcomb at ClickZ on Medio’s new ad network.

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