FastCall411 Rises from the Ashes of Jambo

Richard Rosen, one of the key executives behind the now apparently defunct PPCall provider Jambo, has launched a new site FastCall411. Here’s the release:

FastCall411 is the first product to make the merchants availability and willingness to accept a call right now as central to creating a quality local search experience for consumers. There are a lot of ways to deliver a better consumer experience and enhancing the consumer experience is FastCall411s reason for being, said Richard Rosen, founder and principal of FastCall411.

Until now, the pay-per-call model has benefited the pay-per-call provider first, the merchant second, and the consumer third. We believe that by flipping that model there is a real business to be built and a real need to be met, Rosen said. FastCall411 seeks to solve the problem of the already-busy consumer weeding through disconnected numbers, busy signals, unanswered calls, and merchants who are just too busy to respond to important needs at the time the call comes in.

Rosen said FastCall411 will go live within the next 60 days and will include a built-in business model that goes well beyond what exists in the industry today. Too many local searches on Google and Yahoo! right now result in an unsatisfactory result for the consumer, he said. Well be working with search sites to improve this for their customers.


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