Big News of the Day: WebEx Acquisition

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This is not something I’m especially qualified to discuss. But I will say that twice in two days with two separate companies that were seeking to brief me this week WebEx was malfunctioning. I’ve often had that problem with the system; it’s cumbersome and doesn’t work about 50% of the time.

Maybe Cisco will fix it.

Okay, now I’ll say something more analyst like. Here’s what’s interesting about the acquisition: it’s part of Cisco’s effort to put together a portfolio of tools and applications (e.g., Tribe, Five Across) that enable “SMB collaboration.” From the press release:

“As collaboration in the workplace becomes increasingly important, companies are looking for rich communications tools to help them work more effectively and efficiently,” said Charles H. Giancarlo, Chief Development Officer at Cisco. “The combination of Cisco and WebEx will deliver compelling solutions accelerating this next wave of business communications.

Cisco believes the network is a platform for all forms of communications and collaboration, and WebEx’s technology and services portfolio complement Cisco’s leadership in the Unified Communications and collaboration market, while providing Cisco with a new and unique business model to expand its presence in the fast-growing SMB market,” Giancarlo continued.


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  1. Thomas Lund Says:

    This has nothing to do with your topic besides the functionality of WebEx. I’ve been working from another country than my office for a year now, I needed some kind of software like WebEx. My experience is the same as yours, it hardly ever worked.

    I purchased GoToMeeting (, even though it doesn’t have all the features as WebEx I’ve never had any problems. The best thing about it is that it bypasses all firewalls.

    Just a tip. 🙂

  2. Google Presentations a Threat to WebEx? « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Google Presentations a Threat to WebEx? When I heard the news of Google Presentations my first thought was not: It’s more competition for MSFT as part of the Docs & Spreadsheets suite. The thing that popped into my head was that it’s potential competition for WebEx, which was recently acquired by Cisco. […]

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