Spotzer ‘Soft Launches’

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Spotzer, a European-centric duplication of SpotRunner with Web distribution thrown in is now up and running (Alpha). Here’s my original post on the site from last June. The company is also targeting the US market. Here’s MediaPost’s article announcing the “soft launch” today.

The model is the same as SpotRunner. The twist is that Spotzer, with its European focus (eventually) has to contend with multiple cultures and languages. I didn’t speak directly to the company but one thing appears to be clear from the MediaPost piece, Spotzer’s messaging and positioning are exactly the same as SpotRunner’s.

SpotRunner started out as an “agency” and direct cable TV buying platform for SMBs but quickly discovered the challenges of self-service and began to work with some channel partners that made advertiser acquisition more efficient.

Spotzer will quickly learn that lesson too I would imagine. Valerie Taylor, the former CEO of Platefood, a joint search/PPC venture between Australian directory publisher Sensis and FAST Search & Transfer (later acquired by FAST) is reportedly working with the company.

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